You've heard it said that, "practice makes perfect", which isn't true in the slightest.  I'm a violinist and a music teacher, I know.  Practicing creates and nurtures an environment to build something.  Perhaps something absolutely grand in the long scheme of things, perhaps something as little and elementary as a pentatonic scale in one octave.  Practicing builds something and, well, can we just take a moment to imagine what we could construct if we stretched out a good practice ethic over a lifetime?  There is no space for perfectionist tendencies when you are cultivating good practice.  Maybe tomorrow you'll play the instrument like you've never picked it up a day in your life, maybe tomorrow will be a breakthrough.  What would happen if we just showed up and practiced?  Little by little, day by day, moment by moment.

On this, my 35th birthday, I'm wondering if I could perhaps lean into a year of good practice?  Practicing radical hospitality and expanding tables.  Practicing running further and maybe faster, but maybe not.  Practicing embracing the day at sunrise and seizing mornings alone with words and thoughts and prayers and breath.  Practicing being a patient Mom.  Practicing handstands because Lord knows how long it has been since I've done that.  Practicing playing Lego with my kids.  Practicing making the bed.  Practicing owning less and needing less and doing less and perhaps even thriving with less.  Practicing eating more plants.  Practicing Bach partitas.  Practicing finger picking on the guitar.  Practicing reading more stories.  Just, practicing.