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"Will you come with me?" Part 1

This morning began earlier than I would've liked with a chatty babe shortly after 6am.  My eyes fluttered open and I think I sighed while lifting my head off the pillow.  When I walked into his room to nurse him, I knew he was up for the day.  A leaky diaper, kicky feet, and an earnest little face.  Good morning, my son.
The morning proceeded much like any other school day.  I plunked Bryn in Zoey's bed at 7:45 and her usual groans were short lived.  It's a trick I've learned to awaken her: place her baby brother next to her, and even his strong pats cause nothing more than a happy but groggy, "Hi, Buddy!"  There was the usual amount of lolly-gagging and a bit of, "For the last time, get in the van," from me, but she was dropped off with a full belly, clean clothes, and the weekend on the horizon.  
I came home, lit a fire in the wood stove to warm Jude and I on this Fall morning, and settled Bryn down for his nap.  He surrendered easily to sleep. …

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