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Not isolating isolation

Grace abounds, gratitude litters our days, and love binds us all together but flowing in undercurrent of it all, right alongside all the good, are such big emotions. Fear, uneasiness, disappointment, frustration, loneliness, and anxiety.  Yes, we have everything we need and love is not scarce but the exclamation points to provision and vibrant connections are lacking. The real human shells and resonant voices feel far away.  As a family we have cracked open the spines of new adventurous books, we have drawn with Mo, we have read with Oliver Jeffers, we have spent countless hours outside, we have nourished our bodies and moved them too.  All the good is still woven in with sadness.  We miss our friends.  We miss our family.  We miss the gathering of our faith community.  All the good marinates together with all the sad and it doesn't discriminate on age.

On the weekend I went for a run outside without earbuds just so that I could partake in the sounds of the outdoors: wind rustlin…

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