Day in, day out, kids.

We made it, by golly, we made it.  Here we are, and our Jude is 6 weeks old and our Zoey turned 3! We survived and sometimes thrived and we are slowly finding our way through these new baby waters.  For better, for worse, we are a family of 4 and it is good.  I think the first few weeks after birth are lined up to have you feeling like wonder-woman and a train-wreck all at the same time.  These days have been precious and these days have been tiring, oh so tiring.  But, like most challenging things, the days/hours/minutes seem insurmountable, and you wonder how on earth you are going to keep your toddler busy, let alone liking you in your bleary state.  And you wonder if your baby truly loves you, or if those grins are always gas.  And you wonder if you will ever feel rested again.  And then, after seeing the sun rise and set day after day after day, you suddenly realize, that you're doing it.  Bumbling along, two kids crying, toddler whining, poo everywhere, early morning smooches and baby soft skin.  Chaos and euphoria, day in, day out - but you're doing it.

Thank you to everyone that has and is cheering us along.  We treasure it and boy do we need it.  You are the truest of friends, to be sure!


Hey Jude

Well, hi!  11 days ago we welcomed our son, Jude Rhodes!  It was a fast and furious labour: 4 hours from the, "Ow!  These contractions are actually 5 minutes apart, I think this is it!" to the moment he was born.  It has been quite the week and a half and we are positively smitten with this dear boy.  We have stories to share of these precious first few days with him as a family of 4 but first, this mama needs some lunch.  Our bodies are oh so weary, but our hearts are overflowing.  What a ride.  What a sweet, sweet ride.  More soon!

"So let it out and let it in, hey Jude begin..."


12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19/52

That grin and giggle as we chased each other in the snow.  What an amazing task it is to be this girl's Mama.

She loves to do dishes and I am learning that even if the chore takes 5 times as long to complete, do not turn down a little heart that wants to help.  

Nothing out of the ordinary here.  Just a horse doing some coloring first thing in the morning.

The Golden Hour at Grey Nuns White Spruce Park.  It is quite a treat to live where we do.  Just a little hop down the road and it feels like you have left the city.

Despite being nearly 3 and extremely active, she has had very few serious bumps and bruises.  I have a feeling this summer will be different.  We have already had our fair share of sliver extractions and pavement road-rash experiences.  This was nothing more than a paper cut; however, it was practically gushing blood in her little mind.  

There is something about the outdoors that can turn a day around.  We've had some rough toddler times as of late, and I am so grateful that spring is here at last so that we can kick our tantrums to the curb with some fresh air.  Or, you know, leave the park kicking and screaming, because that totally happened too.

Our living room has the best pocket of light and warmth first thing in the morning.  I love how she likes to find it and settle in for some quiet play.

On this particular morning she was having a good jump on the bed in her cookie and hot chocolate PJs and yet the way she looks looks at me sometimes, I get a little glimpse of her as a grown girl.  Footie PJs and all, Zoey you are such a beauty.

I know I have been totally flaky with making sure I update this space, but it has been for a good reason.  I did not back up my computer for a year and my hard-drive was about to explode with the amount of photos I had.  I have some posts lined up for the weekend so please check back!  Winter adventures, special spots in our home after nearly 1 year of living here, pregnancy the 2nd time around, etc.  All aboard this blogging train!



Her favorite perch to sit on as she brushes her teeth at the closing of the day.
We have a lovely park at the end of the path behind our house.  It is one of the true treasures of our new place and it is the perfect toddler-sprint distance.

We gave Zoey a pair of bob-skates for Christmas so when the first not-minus-a-gazillion winter day hit, we dashed to our neighborhood rink.  She had so much fun, stomping and gliding we could barely get her off the ice.  

Because when you find a original Lite-Brite in a thrift store for $4, you buy it and take it home immediately.

February always seems so dreadfully long, but when the warmer temperatures hit, boy do we make the most of it.  This girl has an easy-going, adventurous little heart.

Play it, girl.

Most days she still has a solid nap in the afternoon.  Some days she is out cold for hours and that means that I get to tip-toe into her room and squish her cherub cheeks with smooches.  The way she nuzzles that blanket is about the only baby-ish thing left in her.

Well, this is embarrassing.  Dedicate myself to a project and then take off!  Despite the appearances of my blog, I have been picking up my SLR more often than not, and taking weekly pictures of my growing girl has been a cinch.  Posting them, has been an altogether different matter, and I've been feeling a little bit uninspired with this blog.  I guess that comes with the ho-hum winter territory.  We all get a case of the blahs, do we not?  Well, we've actually gone on a number of wintery adventures lately and I truly need to share some of those shots here.  You know, before spring hits in full force and winter pictures are totally awkward.



Bathtime is still a time of calm and quiet play in our day.  She's a little bit possessive of the little blue container that we use to get her hair wet and very particular with the order that the squirt toys get lined up along the edge but the giggles flow freely when it comes time to clean between her toes.

The mild days have been perfect for adding a touch of adventure to our morning.



I know she looks pretty forlorn in this picture, but my first moments with my girl each morning are really my favourite.  Typically she awakes with a sigh and a song: a melody from a show she has watched recently, baby beluga, songs from dance class, anything is up for grabs.  I often hear her chattering to her dolls and stuffies and then at last she will call out for me, "Mama?  Maaaaaaamaaaaaa?"  And so our day begins.  She is the sweetest.

*Isn't the new blog design just lovely?  Many thinks to Suzana at This Girl Design.  I cannot recommend her prompt and warm services enough!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and yours!  I have a renewed desire to write and post here again, and you've probably already guess why that is.  Yes, we are so eager to share that a new little one will be joining our family July 4th, 2014!  Our kid will become kids, which is still so crazy to think about.  It has been a fun little secret to keep to ourselves, but as you can tell, it becomes a little bit trickier the second time around when overnight, it seems, you wake up with an expanded belly.  I'm sure some of you had a hunch when I took a 3 month vaycay from this space which was mostly due to the fact that I had little desire to peel myself off the couch for fear I would hurl.  Oi, 1st trimester, you are the worst!  Zoey and I had many days at home and this mama let her watch lots of TV as I sat with my head on the table munching on one of the 4 things that tasted OK for 12 weeks: yogurt, cereal, toast, or soup.  Seriously, what did pregnant ladies do before honey toast and ginger tea?

The past couple weeks have felt pretty good, besides a tendency to start yawning around 10pm at night.    I am grateful for a toddler that still naps so that I can rest when she does in the afternoon.  We are excited to be under the care of the same midwife that delivered our Zoey and we have already had a couple appointments that have basically involved Zoey exclaiming that there is a baby in mama's tummy and asking, "growing?"  So happy to report that this little one is growing well!