Wounded Healer

Our eyes turn to the cross of our Saviour.  

And to His shed blood, His life poured out.

He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and a man of grief, familiar with pain.  

By His wounds we are healed.   

Our King is crowned with thorns that tear His brow.  Our Messiah’s flesh is broken.   

Jesus Christ, our Wounded Healer.*

The Saviour of the World, is forsaken and abandoned.  Darkness covers the earth and our Lord breathes His last.  
The veil has been torn, and the crowd witnessing Christ’s crucifixion leaves in deep sorrow.  The body of Jesus is wrapped in linen and embalmed in an ointment made of myrrh.  Jesus, Son of David.  Jesus, the Nazarene.  Jesus, Son of the Almighty.  Jesus, merciful Saviour.  

Jesus, our longed for Messiah is laid in a tomb.    

*Wounded Healer is a term that was used originally by Henri Nouwen