A Litany for Holy Saturday

The night is long and dark with tears of sorrowfresh and flowing and stinging.  Prickly with life and cold with quaking grief.  Our longed for Messiah has been put to death.  Our hopes  are dashed.  Sorrowful stillness blankets it all. 

We grieve.  We wait.  We mourn. We groan.

Our tears freckle the dewy earth that is awake and alive.  All-the-while, our lungs breathe in and breathe out a deep and heavy sadness. 

We grieve.  We wait.  We mourn.  We groan.


Isaiah 60 
"The whole earth is wrapped in darkness and all people have sunk into deep darkness.  But God will rise on you.  His sunrise glory will break over you."*  He will descend into death, and there, he will defeat it.  He will descend into darkness and overthrow it.  

We grieve.  We wait.  We mourn.  We groan.  We hope.

This Light pierces through the darkness.  This Light shall overcome the shadows of despair, the shadows of fear, the shadows of pain, the shadows of violence, the shadows of sin. 

We grieve.  We wait.  We mourn.  We groan.  We hope.


Dawn is coming.  Dawn is coming.

*taken from Eugene Peterson's, The Message


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