Christmas came and went, and it was delightful and busy and so special.  In the mix of it all, it feels like our children grew 2 inches.  Zoey, forever the big sister, swoons and chases and knows just how to make her little brother laugh.  She whispers I-love-yous into his ear and most of the time, I can barely contain the contagious joy of it all.  Do not be fooled, they also know just how to bug each other: Jude generally pushes and pulls her hair, Zoey hollers and tattles and everything is just a smidgen overdone.  In the thick of it, they still continue to find one another, making the other light up over and over and over again.  Isn't that how it should be?  Their relationship is developing and changing and yet, it is the same as it always has been: pure love and friendship.