Spring has come to Alberta!  In true fashion, just when the winter began to feel dreadfully long, a new season was on its heals.

I am enjoying these days with my kids but, even on the best days, we tend to hit a wall mid afternoon.  Zoey starts to get bored, Jude starts to get antsy, and mama starts to get cranky.  And so, I pour coffee in the travel mug, Zoey straps on her bike helmet, Jude happily chirps in the stroller, and we make our way outside.  I think I've managed to have two kiddos who are the most content outdoors.  My girl climbs trees, throws rocks into the lake, and hums while cruising on her bike.  My boy claps, chats, and eats fistfuls of grass.

Here's to the changing of seasons.  These bright warm days have us grinning!