Day in, day out, kids.

We made it, by golly, we made it.  Here we are, and our Jude is 6 weeks old and our Zoey turned 3! We survived and sometimes thrived and we are slowly finding our way through these new baby waters.  For better, for worse, we are a family of 4 and it is good.  I think the first few weeks after birth are lined up to have you feeling like wonder-woman and a train-wreck all at the same time.  These days have been precious and these days have been tiring, oh so tiring.  But, like most challenging things, the days/hours/minutes seem insurmountable, and you wonder how on earth you are going to keep your toddler busy, let alone liking you in your bleary state.  And you wonder if your baby truly loves you, or if those grins are always gas.  And you wonder if you will ever feel rested again.  And then, after seeing the sun rise and set day after day after day, you suddenly realize, that you're doing it.  Bumbling along, two kids crying, toddler whining, poo everywhere, early morning smooches and baby soft skin.  Chaos and euphoria, day in, day out - but you're doing it.

Thank you to everyone that has and is cheering us along.  We treasure it and boy do we need it.  You are the truest of friends, to be sure!