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That grin and giggle as we chased each other in the snow.  What an amazing task it is to be this girl's Mama.

She loves to do dishes and I am learning that even if the chore takes 5 times as long to complete, do not turn down a little heart that wants to help.  

Nothing out of the ordinary here.  Just a horse doing some coloring first thing in the morning.

The Golden Hour at Grey Nuns White Spruce Park.  It is quite a treat to live where we do.  Just a little hop down the road and it feels like you have left the city.

Despite being nearly 3 and extremely active, she has had very few serious bumps and bruises.  I have a feeling this summer will be different.  We have already had our fair share of sliver extractions and pavement road-rash experiences.  This was nothing more than a paper cut; however, it was practically gushing blood in her little mind.  

There is something about the outdoors that can turn a day around.  We've had some rough toddler times as of late, and I am so grateful that spring is here at last so that we can kick our tantrums to the curb with some fresh air.  Or, you know, leave the park kicking and screaming, because that totally happened too.

Our living room has the best pocket of light and warmth first thing in the morning.  I love how she likes to find it and settle in for some quiet play.

On this particular morning she was having a good jump on the bed in her cookie and hot chocolate PJs and yet the way she looks looks at me sometimes, I get a little glimpse of her as a grown girl.  Footie PJs and all, Zoey you are such a beauty.

I know I have been totally flaky with making sure I update this space, but it has been for a good reason.  I did not back up my computer for a year and my hard-drive was about to explode with the amount of photos I had.  I have some posts lined up for the weekend so please check back!  Winter adventures, special spots in our home after nearly 1 year of living here, pregnancy the 2nd time around, etc.  All aboard this blogging train!