Her favorite perch to sit on as she brushes her teeth at the closing of the day.
We have a lovely park at the end of the path behind our house.  It is one of the true treasures of our new place and it is the perfect toddler-sprint distance.

We gave Zoey a pair of bob-skates for Christmas so when the first not-minus-a-gazillion winter day hit, we dashed to our neighborhood rink.  She had so much fun, stomping and gliding we could barely get her off the ice.  

Because when you find a original Lite-Brite in a thrift store for $4, you buy it and take it home immediately.

February always seems so dreadfully long, but when the warmer temperatures hit, boy do we make the most of it.  This girl has an easy-going, adventurous little heart.

Play it, girl.

Most days she still has a solid nap in the afternoon.  Some days she is out cold for hours and that means that I get to tip-toe into her room and squish her cherub cheeks with smooches.  The way she nuzzles that blanket is about the only baby-ish thing left in her.

Well, this is embarrassing.  Dedicate myself to a project and then take off!  Despite the appearances of my blog, I have been picking up my SLR more often than not, and taking weekly pictures of my growing girl has been a cinch.  Posting them, has been an altogether different matter, and I've been feeling a little bit uninspired with this blog.  I guess that comes with the ho-hum winter territory.  We all get a case of the blahs, do we not?  Well, we've actually gone on a number of wintery adventures lately and I truly need to share some of those shots here.  You know, before spring hits in full force and winter pictures are totally awkward.


Erika - I LOVE reading your blog! I get excited when a new post pops into my Feedly - your blog makes my heart feel lighter and inspired seeing your reflections on life. Thank you for opening up your life for others to share in - though I only know you through a few casual acquaintances at Prairie, and have never met your husband or daughter, I have enjoyed watching life unfold for you through your posts. Keep it up! Looking forward to more as your adventures in life continue.