Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you and yours!  I have a renewed desire to write and post here again, and you've probably already guess why that is.  Yes, we are so eager to share that a new little one will be joining our family July 4th, 2014!  Our kid will become kids, which is still so crazy to think about.  It has been a fun little secret to keep to ourselves, but as you can tell, it becomes a little bit trickier the second time around when overnight, it seems, you wake up with an expanded belly.  I'm sure some of you had a hunch when I took a 3 month vaycay from this space which was mostly due to the fact that I had little desire to peel myself off the couch for fear I would hurl.  Oi, 1st trimester, you are the worst!  Zoey and I had many days at home and this mama let her watch lots of TV as I sat with my head on the table munching on one of the 4 things that tasted OK for 12 weeks: yogurt, cereal, toast, or soup.  Seriously, what did pregnant ladies do before honey toast and ginger tea?

The past couple weeks have felt pretty good, besides a tendency to start yawning around 10pm at night.    I am grateful for a toddler that still naps so that I can rest when she does in the afternoon.  We are excited to be under the care of the same midwife that delivered our Zoey and we have already had a couple appointments that have basically involved Zoey exclaiming that there is a baby in mama's tummy and asking, "growing?"  So happy to report that this little one is growing well!


Congratulations to you and your family!! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes by smoothly. :)
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Congratulations,Erika :)