I have a renewed desire to pick up my SLR again.  After a crazy September/October/November/December, my poor beautiful Canon sadly gathered dust. Instagram and my iPhone were just an easier way to keep family in the loop.  But there really is nothing like a real camera, is there?  So this year, I am committing to a weekly photo challenge of taking a photo of my daughter.  And it should be a challenge because she is totally in a, don't take any pictures of me, ever, but if you do, it better be fun phase.  This week I captured a morning moment in her pop-tent Arden and I built her for Christmas.  Mornings are my favourite with Zoey.  She is chatty, content, and and oh so snuggly.  I love her wild morning hair and groggy little face.

*There's still time to join in the photography fun!  Anyone wanna join me???

More soon, I promise.  Shock of all shockers, I think I'm inspired to blog again.