The Summer of the Bucket List: Part 2

Our Zoey is 2, can you believe it?!?!  Mid-August we packed up the car one hot Saturday afternoon and took off to our city's zoo.  It was Zoey's first time and she had a hoot pointing out all the animals she knew.  She took in everything eagerly and with a grin.  When it came time for her turn on the carousel, boy did she have a death grip on that thing.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate our girl and her 2nd year.  I can tell you already, toddlerhood is a doozy.  But the way her soft voice sings first thing in the morning, and the way she will cup my face in her hands with care, and the way her head of hair bounces when she runs; they are all pennies that I tuck in my pockets so that I can hear them jingle softly when the meltdowns crescendo skyward.  Oh, the meltdowns.

This year has been my favourite and perhaps I may say that for the rest of her life.  It has been so special to watch her explore the world around her and find ways to communicate her affection and, to put it mildly, her distaste for things.  She is fiery and she is tender.  She is robust and she is soft.  She is determined and she is easygoing.

Zoey, mothering you will forever be one of my life's sweetest and trickiest of journeys.  Happy Birthday, my darling!  


Lola said…
Happy Birthday! Two is so much fun.
Nice blog, both pictures and writing. Keep on enjoying life, love and happiness.