The summer of the bucket list Part 1

Well hi,

I know it has been months and months and months since I've been in this space.  It's October and I flew the coup here long ago.  And then I hesitated starting up again because I had a bajillion photos and a gazillion things to say and there was no hope I would ever catch up.

This was a summer of easy going days that were back-to-back against days/weeks/months that were our busiest yet.  This was the summer that my baby became a toddler.  This was the summer that I thought toddler-hood was going to do me in.  This was the summer that we celebrated milestones.  This is the summer that dreams came true.  This was the summer that I couldn't wait to end.  This was the summer that I wanted to last forever.

And now here we are stepping into late-autumn with summer a distant memory.  Our days have truly been special but not without an element of intensity.  I'll try and toss in a couple of posts here and there of some of our summer highlights but let's start dusting off this 'ol blog, shall we?

Hope you are well!