Sunny days.

Well hello there,

We are thrilled that June is here, you?  May had us back to trading sicknesses back and forth, left and right.  I don't think there was a single healthy week in that whole month.  So here I am, 10 lbs lighter (that would be the first round of the stomach flu or the 2nd?), grateful to be breathing deeply on the running trails, with a chatty girl in tow.  I am oh-so-glad to be spending an afternoon here and there digging deep into blackish earth.  It feels like spring breezes are swiftly carrying the warmth of summer. 

I have three weeks left of teaching violin, and then SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!  Oh lazy hazy days of summer, we have been waiting for you!


you are the cutest gardener in the whole wide world.ever...oh and just so you know, the other day some friends saw the picture of you and your sweet family on our fridge, and couldn't believe how adorable you were. so i guess you are officially cute and adorable. big love, jenny:)
Erika Britt said…
Ha! Oh thank you, Jenny! Miss you and your sweet fam!