So, it has been awhile, hey?  I am 3 teaching days away from being DONE work for the school year!  Which means I am finally getting a chance to look at the photos I've been snapping here and there over the past few months.  In May we had a weekend reprieve from the busy-ness and sicknesses we battled through that month.  What better activity than to pack up the family car and escape to the mountains for the weekend???

It was right before Alberta really exploded with summer color but the mountains were lush with green moss and flowing springs.  We took a day and explored some trails in Canmore and it was breathing room for our souls.  I recently celebrated my 29th birthday, and as much as my younger-self loved the indoors and pretty much flaked-out over being in nature, my 20-something self is thriving when I am outdoors.  Maybe it is my daughter's love for fresh air?  Maybe it is my new lease on life.  Whatever the case, I love a good adventure and the chance to spend some time with my 2 loves.  So, Arden strapped Zoey to his back, I packed a lunch, and we hit the road.  It was our first hike with Zoey so we decided to take the easier of 2 trails up to the Grassi Lakes.  We kept a steady pace, but Zoey was bored out of her tree!  On our descent, we decided to brave the harder trail and our girl chatted happily the whole way down.  I tell you, Zoey is teaching me a thing or too about bravery.  She is fearless!  Give her a view of steep plummeting cliffs and unsteady rocks, and she is happy as a clam.

Big love and prayers to Canmore and the golden people of Alberta that are finding their feet again after relentless flooding.


Amy A. said…
Your photography is amazing!!!