new tunes

Hey friends, it has been awhile since we have shared a new song!  With the busy-ness at bay and having Arden finished at school for awhile, we have been trying to be intentional with creating new songs together.  I wrote this song shortly after the new year and I was feeling all Sufjan Stevens with its historical content.  This one was written about the formation of my hometown, Hay River, which is pretty bittersweet if you read up on it and/or listen to this song.  Arden worked his electronic magic with the instrumentation.

It's always a joy to make music with the one you love, am I right?


Theresa said…
Love! ♥
I was just listening on the computer and Callum had to come over to see what was going on. This song got some serious knee bend dancing to go along with it. A high compliment from Callum!