So. Much. Fun.

You guys, last weekend was great.  Really great.  Friday afternoon I left my little one with her Daddy-o and hit the road.  It was truly a treat to skip town for 48 hours with some dear friends.  We headed out to the mountains to a hotel suite with cushy mattresses and a hot-tub with a million-dollar view.  We woke up Saturday morning a little bit giddy with the day that lay before us.  By noon we had been cross-country skiing and it was rejuvenating and exhilarating.  I have not been on skis since my childhood and I think that maybe I was the only 28 year old yelling, "WEEEEEEEEE!" all the way down the hill.  Seriously.  Mountain air makes me nutty and it makes the Scandinavian in me go crazy.  Now, I want to go skiing every day.  EVERY DAY!  But anyway, besides enjoying the outdoors, we meandered through local shops, enjoyed fine-dining, and drank bubbly drinks.  It was a weekend of many, many, many moments that I felt grateful and blessed and undeserving and relaxed.

This month has held a few weekends in a row where I have been away from home.  I am kinda ready to be a homebody again and shuffle around in my slippers with a mug of coffee and play with my daughter all day long.  Cheers to fun weekends.  Cheers to friendships that make you thrive.  Cheers to my dear husband that is so profoundly gracious and loving.  Cheers to this good life that we share.  Cheers to moments that fill you up so that you arrive home overflowing.  Yes, home is still/always/forever the best.


What have you done with my sister?!?! You know the younger one that stayed home on a Saturday in her house coat or drank hot chocolate in the ski lodge? Glad you had a friend-filled get-away!
Erika Britt said…
I know, right?!?! What is happening to me??? ;)