19 Months

Hypothetically, if you put Zoey's hair in pig-tails and put a cute polka-dotted skirt over her tights, she looks like a little girl.  Which is exactly what she is.  Yes, with the adorable way her hair bounces up and down when she runs and the way her little lips come together all focused when she is reading in the morning sun; honestly, some days I can barely keep up.

My Dear Zoey,
The other day we walked into the grocery store hand in hand.  You smiled and waved at the manager and he smiled and waved back, half surprised.  A year ago, you were proud as punch that you had learned to sit up.  Now, your winter boots go stomp-stomp against the store's floor; a playful syncopation in every stride.  Your words and voice continues to astound me.  I have no doubt that songs and words will be important to you.  Singing goes hand-in-hand with play for you, and I would love for it to stay that way.  And the words you know: Careful, vitamin, coffee, down, where-are-you?, snow, keys, boots, socks, and a gazillion more that I just can't keep track of.  Your favorite animals are dogs and cats but your latest obsession is horses.  I brought back a little farm-animal play set from the mountains and the horse has accompanied us to town and back.  Thank goodness it is only 2 inches tall and fits in my pocket.

You are beginning to learn to play with others and it is adorable.  Your bright yet tentative eyes always say, "Wanna play?  Just, please don't hug me."  You have a streak of independence.

You have just started to take interest in helping me with jobs around the house.  You actually do a very careful job of emptying the dishwasher and always say, "Thank you!" as you hand me each plate.  It is amazing to have a happy helper at my hip as I'm bent over cleaning up toys before nap-time.  Let's keep this helping-train chug-chug-chuggin along!  I'm all over that positive reinforcement!

Funny mischievous moments this month were the times you found left-over Christmas chocolates and proceeded to smear them all over the couch.  Then today, you found my red stamp-pad and put your thumb prints all over the floor.  I really don't leave these things laying around.  Somehow, your sixth sense is the ability to find props that when utilized, get you into a hearty amount of mischief.

I love you, my girl.  Forever & always.


Jen said…
She is so so adorable! And thinning out too, which adds to her 'little girl' look.
Erika Britt said…
Yes, she is definitely leaner since she started walking. I think I also have a tall little girl in the making. Her height is kinda off the charts! ;)