Oh hi!  Who blogs here again?  Oh right, me.

We had a pretty intense week with just too many chores and jobs and head-colds and non-napping babies to leave any time for bloggin'.  It kind was kind of brutal and kind of productive in a really weird way.  February is like that, am I right?  You just want winter to be OVER already and yet somehow you end up with a Fine-I'll-Have-Fun-Any-Way type attitude.  February definitely toughens up my winter-skin.  Everything looks so ready for spring and yet the weathered way that the wind rolls across the prairies is amazing.  The blood-red sunrises that cast shadows over miles and miles of snow is a glorious sight to behold, even when you are down-right tired. 

So we buckled down and got our work done, packed Kleenex everywhere we went, ate lots of frozen pizza, and took our out-doors-loving-baby out to play everyday.  This week seems to be quite the opposite.  I'm taking all but 1 day off work, Zoey has had some epic-snoozes, Arden is finishing his last night-class (HALLELUJAH!) and things are looking up!

How does this Monday find you?