A Hazy Shade of Winter

I don't often get a hankering for hot chocolate but this afternoon after Zoey had settled in for a nap, it just sounded lovely.  You know, the real stuff.  3 cubes of dark chocolate and milk warmed in a pot over the stove.  It was such a sweet pick-me-up.  Today, I stumbled upon this tune and it seemed the most fitting song for the stage of winter we are in.

The days are mild but everything is brown and grey and the sky is constantly "a hazy shade of winter."  After lunch, I took Zoey outside to play and the fresh air was a perfect night-cap to nap-time.  I think we may need more outside ventures to get us to spring.  Keep on, keepin' on, my friends!   


Unknown said…
I love that cup! So warm and cute!