Saturday Snaps: Busy, busy

We had a flurry of activity and laughter in our home this weekend.  My nephew and niece slept over for two nights, allowing my sister and her husband to attend a local conference in the city.  It was busy and it was fun.  There is only 1 month between my nephew and Zoey which certainly kept us on our toes.  There were times when one baby was crying because the other baby was crying while my niece was asking, "Excuse me Auntie, will you play ponies with me?"  Those are the times you have to giggle, keep a level head, and handle one crisis at a time.  We stayed warm, kept those kiddos busy and fed, and tucked them into bed snuggly at the end of the day. There were times when Arden and I high-fived in passing.  Three kids!  We got this!

Zoey certainly enjoyed the extra playmates and asked for them the instant I poked my head into her room this morning.  It was a full and wonderful weekend.

This Auntie and Uncle eagerly fell into bed and a grateful sleep Sunday night.


Unknown said…
That first picture looks so tasty :)
Erika Britt said…
I think it was pretty tasty as my niece gobbled it up! :)
Kessler said…
I love these photos. So fresh and peaceful. You have a beautiful blog!