Keep calm and carry on, 2013!

We shared a delightful New Years Eve together as a family: we had a light supper and then skated with friends and enjoyed the mild winter's evening.  Zoey went to sleep waaaaaaay past her bedtime, snug as a bug, and without a peep as usual. Arden and I rang in the new year with my Dad and then we tucked ourselves into bed.  At 4:30 Zoey awoke crying and that train didn't stop until 7am.  I think it was her poor little teeth as she rarely even stirs throughout the night.  It was so out of character and terribly tiresome.  Finally, she gave in to sleep and we both slept until noon.  I was greeted with a chipper little lass, a clear blue sky, and a fresh cup of coffee with a splash of Bailey's from my thoughtful husband.  We took our New Years Day easy.  Arden and I spent the afternoon diving into one of our resolutions for the year.  It is something that we have been itching to do as long as we have been together but it has felt like we have always had other things on the go.  What better time than New Year's Day to kick-start our goals?  Here is a hint as to what we have been up to: