January photo challenge week 3

Well, I am surely enjoying this challenge.  It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of the month already.  I haven't legitimately been taking photos every day, but I do love finding sweet things in our daily living.

I've been doing some format tweaking again.  Gosh, I am that home-keeper that changes the furniture around a gazillion times just for the heck of it.  I have been on the hunt for something chic and modern, and the blogger templates just weren't cutting it anymore (still love you Blogger!  What would I do without you?).  It took about 2 seconds for those templates over at blog milk to catch my fancy, and I just couldn't resist!  They're lovely, right?

Lastly, thank you to ere' body who just keeps voting for my 'lil blog.  A big smooch especially to my hubby, who I'm sure sneaks into every office in his building and votes on each and every computer he can get his hands on.  I've also received some emails from new-to-me friends that I am just delighted to meet on this here internet!  Thanks for saying hi!