Homemade tunes!


Did you know that my husband is a really amazing musician?  And I love to make music too.  See where I'm going with this?  We have been itching to do this for ages (how many years have we been married, again?).  This is our first co-write and I think it is just beautiful.  Let us know what you think!  We are going by the band-name L'Ampersand because it is French and hip.  Arden tends to write electronic music which is so good but waaaaay outside my song-writing-comfort-zone so I am embracing this challenge!  There is definitely more to come.  We promise.


jenny said…
our family listened to this over breakfast. i cried. it is so entirely beautiful, and we are so entirely proud of you guys. you are truly beautiful. big love, jenny xo. p.s your christmas card and picture were so lovely, thank you thank you lovely friends:)
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D.M. SOLIS said…
Very fine! Yes, you have to collaborate more! Looking forward to it. Thanks, peace and all good things for you in music and in life.

Unknown said…
so hip & fresh!
sounds great. looking forward to more. favorite part is that its a together project. yey marriage.

just needs more cowbell.