date night

Have you ever had a night-out that is just lovely and perfect in every aspect under the moon?  Saturday night was just that.

We were treated to my parents babysitting Zoey for the evening and we eagerly dashed out the door once they arrived.  It was such a cold wintery day and we were a little bit stumped with how we should spend our night.  Arden is a man of good beer taste, and he was eager to get to a local restaurant that has the longest beer-list that I know of.  We hadn't been since Zoey was born and it was wonderful to be back in our old stomping ground.  We used to go almost every week to try a new bevvy.

The other thing that we hadn't done since my music-school days was take in some live jazz.  It was actually one of our first dates: 2 university kids, munching on popcorn and drinking wine at the back of the Yardbird Suite.

The music was divine, the nostalgia overwhelming, and the company of one another warm and wonderful.  There is nothing like a good time out to bring you gladly right back home.