merry & bright

Well hello there, and a Merry Christmas to you!  It has been a full and happy season for us and I thought it was about time to poke my nose in this space again.

These have been special days.  My family has been especially close this year which has been a treasure.  My home & heart have been bursting at the seams and it has all been so very special.

It is hard to believe our Zoey was a mere 4 months old last year.  Now she is taking it all in through her deep eyes that always seem to be sparkling.  It really was over our 3 days of Christmas festivities that Z decided to eagerly go after walking and now there is no stopping her.  Instead of the pat-pat of her hands crawling towards me I am listening for the thump-thump of her bare feet against the hardwood.  We are certainly holding our dear ones close these days and we are so very grateful for shared embraces and good laughter as this year draws to a close.

Today, the postman left some belated Christmas letters in my mailbox and I am busy finding spaces for new treasures that were in our stockings.  This weekend I think we will continue to feast upon our fridge of leftovers.  I am more than happy to let Christmas linger a bit longer.