Early Nightfall

These days the light comes late in the morning and leaves early in the evening.  Come January, I may be ready for more sunlight, but right now I kind of like how the twinkle lights emerge in our neighborhood in the afternoon and the way Arden's car lights flicker across our front window to signal his arrival.  Boughs of evergreen have been hung and my home is beginning to smell like the holidays.  I do love this season!

Sorry I have been sparse here over the past little while.  I have been busy wrapping up my violin lessons for the season and this post-sickness week has left me with a very clingy teething baby.  She has been pretty crabby and is a teary crying mess the moment I leave the room.  So.  We hang out.  A lot.  Her nap-times leave me just enough time to put dinner in the oven and maybe have a shower.  All you mamas are nodding your heads, right?  Thank goodness, this is not an abnormality.

We will keep calm and carry on!