Oh, hi!

It has been an intense week for us.  Not all together horrible in some parts and horrendously horrible in others.  A stomach bug slithered through our home and snagged Zoey and I.  It started with Z Tuesday morning and just when it seemed like she was on the up and up, I got it.  In the middle of teaching a lesson.  Yup, that is about as awful as it sounds.  I was able to rest that evening but then in the morning, our day started with a puking baby in my bed.  And that was about as awful as it sounds.  It was about then that I reached my capacity in my delirious flu-stricken state and I called for Arden to come rescue us.  All in all, it was a gross couple of days (literally).  Thankfully, these bugs tend to leave as quickly as they arrive and by Friday, we were feeling more like ourselves and ready for the weekend.

With all the sickness this week, I nearly forgot I had secured Edmonton Youth Orchestra tickets for Arden and myself.  I had managed to keep it a secret all week and had even found a babysitter for the afternoon.  

Today, we arrived to the concert hall an hour early, so we were able to grab appetizers, coffee, and a glass of gewurztraminer for me.  The concert was wonderful and it was a proud music-teaching moment for myself.  A student that I had taught through her audition (while extremely pregnant with Zoey) for the orchestra was playing and I found myself beaming in parts.  It is a delight to see such musicality in a young person.  Musicality that you helped fan into flame a little bit.  

An afternoon of classical music and a date with my love.  I think I sighed out loud once or twice.