15 months

I decided to do something a little bit different this month and just make up a little video with snippets of Zoey being her cute little self during our simple snowy days together.  The humming at the beginning is Zoey and it is one of my most favorite things.  She often hums while she plays, eats, and even while she falls asleep.  If you listen carefully, she says her name with her quiet little voice.  It is about enough to make me to squeeze her close and squishy.

At 15 months Zoey is:
*getting more teeth!  Last week two of her first molars popped up.  Just like that, she has more than 4 teeth.  Woot.  We have had some sad moments over the past couple of days.  Mostly during the night (She woke up at 1am last night and downed a bottle.... we haven't done that in months) and waking up from her naps.  My girl who normally wakes up chipper has been frantic and out of sorts   I can't tell if it is a bad cold she has been fighting this week or her teeth.  It could certainly be both.
*down to 1 nap a day!  We made it!  I should actually preface it with the fact that MOST of the time she is napping once but this week because she has been catching up on sleep from our trip and fighting a bug, she has had 2 naps most days.  It is nice that her sleeping patterns have become a little bit more predictable again, however; I think I have finally learned the fine art of, "well, I guess we're not napping, what can we do for fun to make it until bedtime?"  Any other mamas learning that too? 
*no longer using a soother!  Huzzah!  We had a rough patch this month when I banned the old almost-broken soother and Z boycotted the new one.  Let it be known that I was more than willing to let Z have her soother for a considerably longer time than this.  I was even fine with waiting until she had more language under her belt so that I could explain why the soother was going bye bye.  Seems like she had other plans but after the first week we rounded a corner and she has settled into her new reality.    
*is learning more words and sounds and it is fun, fun, fun!  She is saying "Mommy" and it sounds more like "Mame-ee" but I'll take it.  She can say "all done"  but it comes out, "da duuun."  She is also saying love you which comes out, "la yoooou."  Like I said.  I squish her little cheeks with smooches all day long.
*taking steps here and there on her own but most of the time she is a speedy crawler.  I have to say, she is smart as a whip and knows exactly when she has done a good job at trying to walk but it seems like crawling is a matter of efficiency when it comes to determining how quickly she can get into mischief.
*speaking of which, her quick mischief continues to have us chasing to find her when we sense too much quiet going on but it also means a steady stream of laughs accompanying our days together.  This month she got into Daddy's deodorant and got it everywhere.  She smelled like men's cologne all day.

- song credit: Never Quit Loving You by Jill Barber-  


oh she is ADORABLE! I will always love photography but I'm starting to fall in love with these little video snippets into life I am seeing lately, I think it is so precious! Lovely post :)
Cass said…
Love love love.

Also, I definitely have learned the "no nap today so how do I distract you until bedtime" thing...
Jenny said…
lol it's always the "quiet" that signals mischief isn't it? We haven't gone down to one nap yet, and I have mixed feelings about that transition--more flexibility with the "up and go" part of the day, but less naps also means less quiet time for me. Do you like 1 nap better than 2?
Erika Britt said…
I know, it's so hard to know what to do. I certainly felt like I had more quiet time when she was taking two naps and she is still sometimes fickle with how much she sleeps during the day. Sometimes she can be out for over 2 hours, sometimes it is less than an hour. Just do what is best for you and A. Some days she gets to the end of her rope and so I put her down for a 2nd nap. Flexibility is still the name of the game for us. ;)