Saturday Snaps

I'm So Glad by Royal Wood on Grooveshark

Most days after I fix Zoey's breakfast and feed her, I'm content with a cup of coffee and piece of fruit.  But Saturday morning is a different story.

Being a grown-up is hard work.  There are times you doubt yourself.  There are times ridden with worry.  There are times you wonder why you're not worrying.  But there are also some moments that just freeze in front of you, and you realize that the life you lead is good and full.  It is in the sizzling bacon and the little girl sitting at my heels munching on cheerios.  It is in the exuberant giggle as Arden brings Zoey to our bed, first thing.  It is in his grin as the two of them chat and pat one another's bed-head.  It is in the bleary-eyed smiles and smooches that we exchange over our first cup of coffee.  There is nothing quite like a Saturday morning at home to sip on perspective and hold hands with gratitude.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  My cold is making its rounds through our home, but we are making do.


Heidi McMaster said…
I just have to say once again...I love your writing, and I love your photography :). So beautiful.
Erika Britt said…
Thank you so much, Heidi!!!