Our Zoey is 14 months old!  She loves to play and laugh and she continues to be a generous portion of joy in our lives

She is learning new words and sounds everyday.  She now says "baby" and "daddy" clear as a bell.  She continues to sign "please" and "more" and is just learning "thank you".  It is the most precious thing to see our bath-time loving girl sign "please" repeatedly while I run the tub.  In the evening she will instantly hear the trains that pass by and will always proclaim, "choo choo!!!" 
There have been flashes of toddlerhood and they kind of look like this:

There have been arched backs, kicking feet, flailing arms, pushing hands, and brisk shaking heads.  Really?  Are we here already?

She is mischievous and busy and certainly doesn't like having new-found treasures being taken away.  We are learning the trading game and mama often scours the house for new distracting things to keep her from licking the toilet brush.  Yes, that did happen.

However, there is certainly a sweetness and gentleness to our girl, that we see everyday.

We also have seen a little girl blossoming and shedding her baby skin.  Sometimes it is in the quiet voice "reading" in her room.  Sometimes it is in the still and focused way she watches Little Bear while I finish getting ready for the day.

We love you our dear Zoey.  This month has held many laughs and lots of fun!


Anonymous said…
Oooh, that's when the fun begins! She's such a cutie!
Lecinda said…
oh my goodness! I remember coming here months and months ago for the first time and she was such a little thing!! look how she has grown :) :) she is super cute and adorable!
Erika Britt said…
Cruelsound: Yup! Let the good times roll!!!
Lecinda: I KNOW! Pardon me while I go and weep!