the trees are golden

It is officially Autumn.  Every morning, the trees that line our neighborhood look just a little bit more yellow than the day prior, and every evening they are golden. Tonight, when I got home from work, the sunset was breathtaking.

Z was as chipper as ever, and there was just enough warmth left in the day to linger outside.

It is in the simple moments of the day that I am the most grateful to be a mama to Zoey.  In the way she doesn't hesitate to tuck her chin into my neck when she is tired, in the way her eyes sparkle when she sees  her daddy walk through the door, in her quiet cheerful voice as she plays, in her ready laugh when she hears the dog bark next door.   Our days together are simple.  Our nights together are simple.  And it is good.  It is the day-in, day-out privilege of living life beside one another that I just love.  We get to do all these simple things together and I am so glad.

PS: Thanks for your blog-lovin' votes.  Little Red Hearts is sitting at #306 which is just dandy.  It is still surprising to me that this many people found my tiny space on the internet.  *HI MOM, HI DAD!!!*  You can keep on voting to your little heart's content.  If we made top-50 I think I would high-five the world.