Summer days

Well here we are at August's end and September's beginning.  I've been enjoying these simple summer days.  Easygoing mornings with Zoey, fun afternoon outings, crafting, cooking new recipes, eating together, and working-out all by myself in the evenings.  Oh summer, do you have to go?  This weekend was chilly and damp, I had soup on the stove, and I found acorns on a walk.  Is autumn really upon us?  Tomorrow, the public-schools are back in session but I have one more week before I start teaching again.  So, it looks like it is the last hurrah of the summer for me! 

I tell you, this girl is a hoot.  She is mischievous beyond belief but she just brings an instant smile to your face, even while being naughty.

 Here she is, just about to do her new favorite thing: be spider-man and walk along the outside of the fridge, picking and tossing any magnets in her path.

It's nothing but fun times in this house!  Enjoy the final days of summer sun!


Carla anderson said…
How do you not just eat her up ALL the time???!
You must frame the one with Z's beautiful, 2-teeth, wide smile! Love her!
Judy said…
AND after you do that, please put her in a package and deliver straight to her grandparents in China!
Heidi McMaster said…
Love those photos of her! SO cute! :)
Craig said…
Just came across your blog and I love it. Your daughter is such a cute one! My little girl turns 8 months next week, it's interesting to see the sorts of things we're looking forward to.