It was the first week of balancing family life, work life, and school life and we're doing well.  1 full time job, 3 part time jobs, and 1 part time student (spread out over 2 people).  I promise, it is not as intense as it sounds.  But maybe it is a little bit.  We have decided to play it by ear, try our best, and make adjustments when we need to. 

Some days certainly felt brisk but they were good all the same.  Today, Z and I enjoyed a day together.  We were on the go, running errands, but there was still time to make blueberry pancakes and linger in the warm autumn sun.  Now it's time to settle into the weekend.  The 3 of us are going to get out of town, visit friendly faces, and enjoy the hospitality of dear ones.  It's gonna be good.