A 1st

Our Zoey turned 1 on the Folk Fest Hill of Edmonton.  As the evening progressed Arden and I recounted the day, one whole year ago:

-the final push and exact moment she was born into our world and placed onto my chest.  Crying overwhelmed and grateful tears and repeating aloud, "My darling, my darling."
-the first moments with her: hearing her fresh cries, nursing her for the first time, watching Arden and my Mom dress her.
-getting tucked in at home by our midwife, a mere 4 hours after birth.
-first visits from family as I rested and cuddled our newborn

It is a powerful thing, birth, no-matter what it looks like.  A child, crafted within you, thrust from your body with pain and excruciating joy.  Yes, I will never forget the day Zoey was born.  It is a blessing and limitless challenge being a Mama, but I am continually thankful and filled to the brim and over with love for my dear Zoey.

Because we anticipated a busy weekend at Folk Fest, we celebrated a few days early with family.  Zoey napped well before the party got rolling but she was certainly tuckered by the day's end.  I made banana-buttermilk cupcakes, a healthi[er] cupcake by many standards and I truly wasn't sure if Zoey would go for it.  Her sweets have been slow-coming in her short life (2 licks of ice-cream one time and a nibble here and there).  Like most things, she was cautious at first, and then was all.  over.  it.  Success!

This first year with Zoey has been many things, but one thing is for sure, it feels like it picked up momentum once she was 6 months.  The sleep-deprivation eased up for Ma and Pa and a little girl emerged!  Especially over the last month since she has become mobile (she is a speedy crawler, I tell you) we have seen flashes of toddler.  I just don't know if I am ready.

We love you our darling, Zoey.  Happy Birthday little one.
Love forever and always,
Your Mama


Jenny said…
She is soooo cute! Time flies, hey?
Unknown said…
Oh what a beautiful girl. Zoey we love you! Thanks Erika for such a gift to two lonely grand parents far away.

We love you three,

Dad and for Mom