It's a new year.




New Years Day, in the early and fresh hours of 2012, we drove home.  Our slumbering daughter sighed in the backseat.  We smiled at one another.

The world has welcomed another year.  All may not be well in your home, hunger may continue to prevail, selfishness and greed may reign, death may take its toll, and injustice may blow across your fields.  Nevertheless, the new year still presses in upon us all.

2011 held much for us.  We rejoiced at the arrival of our Zoey, we continued to work hard and continued to see the Lord's provision in our lives.  We have studied long and well, we have sung together and cried together.  We have had petty arguments.  At times we have hurt one another, intentionally and unintentionally.  Friends and family have gathered around our table and we have shared moments of laughter.  2011 was good.  2011 was hard work.  2012 is here.

As you step forward into the coming days, remember that you are a vital and beautiful part of this good earth.  Be kind to one another and be kind to yourself.  Work hard and rejoice in the goodness of the life we share.  Do not dwell in the shadows of resentment or hurt.  Forgive your enemies and love and honor one another.  May laughter resonate in your comings and goings and may your heart beat steady.  May your dreams remain resilient and your fervor steadfast.  May peace and love rule in your home. 

With hope and joy, we welcome the new year.


Mya said…
this was lovely.. i love the photos too
Marney said…
"may your heart beat steady" choked up in my throat. we never know when the figurative will become literal, and when the work our body does without thought ceases and we receive grace to live again. here's to steady beating hearts of all shapes and sizes, both literal and figurative.
let's all be courageous and purposeful with our moments.