From here to there...

Hey friends,

The thesis was written, the bags were packed, and to the East coast we ventured.
My thesis presentation was today and it feels good to be done!
Now, all that's left is the party. See you when the confetti has settled.
You all have my deepest thanks and gratitude for championing me along the way.


Cass said…
Congrats, Erika. I'm so happy for you! You've worked hard for this and should be very proud!
Judy said…
We were there with you! We are very proud of you for finishing well. . . and still waiting for a digital copy. :-) Maybe it could used as a citation in lieu of "apocalyptic ash"! Is it available on Kindle? Should be! Our love to both of you-now go enjoy the celebration! You both deserve it! Love Mom and Dad
Melanie said…
love your blog :)
Can I "ditto" what Mom said? I think she said pretty much exactly what we were thinking!

We're proud of you too! Hope the day and week to come in Montreal is filled with lots of celebrating. We'll clink glasses in September ;).

Love, M.K.E.