Jasper in January

Our weekend away was fun and productive and restful. Arden got lots of snowboarding in. I got lots of writing in. We both got lots of comfort-food eating in. The one disaster came 4 hours prior to our departure when our poor car's windshield was randomly smashed in. Honestly, our car has such horrible luck attracting vandalizers. Seriously. We drove home with a ghetto garbage bag duck-taped across the shards of glass which made for a loud accompanying flapping sound the whole way. Would you believe, it only came undone once, the whole 4 hour drive? It was fixed the next day ($300 later... BAH) and all is well.

I'm in the final sweep of writing. I'll see you on the other side, friends!


Cass said…
I'm glad you had a great and productive getaway, even if it ended with a broken window.