A message from the universe.

When I think about those who have had the greatest influence in my life, I can't help but note what it is that makes me want to be just like them.

They have the capacity to expand and enlarge your heart and your life. They champion your cause and make you feel like it is worthwhile and worth fighting for.

When I think of those who have done the most harm in my life I think of the sharpness of their words; how I've felt small; how my bundle of insecurities so easily rise to my throat and fall to the pit of my stomach.

If I could do anything in this world, I would want to champion your cause; to make you feel larger and greater; to sing and shout, "You are a bright light, now shine for the whole world to see. Your cause is worth fighting for and your cause will change the world."

Sometimes we need to be reminded of things. Tonight, as the frost is settling in and the street lights flicker, as the evening fire sweeps in around my feet and the winter darkness waves through shadows of trees and branches, I need to remind you of this one thing:

If I could bottle up all the the love in the universe and pour it into your heart, I would.

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.
You are loved and you are magnificent.



Cass said…
Erika, you are such an amazing person, and I feel blessed to know you. Keep spreading your warmth and light.
darien said…
Erika...I think I needed the balm of your words today. Things are so complicated. Thanks for posting. Crystal
you just made me cry...(good tears.)thanks for making this world so much more beautiful, erika. your kind heart and gentle ways are a true pearl.xoxox jenny.
JWood said…
Wonderfully put. A very nice thought to ponder to start off the day =)
stumbled across your blog, read and loved this :-)
Andrea said…
Just stopped by and found your words to be so beautiful and meaningful. Thanks for them.
Those words could not have come at a better time.