From Istanbul to Troy

The intense learning begins!

The reunion with friends and loved ones yesterday was warm and just as it should be. It brought a comforting sigh of relief, that I was finally where I needed to be. The evening was lighthearted and full of many laughs. Perfect.

We left the hotel TOGETHER, bright and early this morning and began our journey to Troy. This afternoon, I walked among ruins that were from 3000 BC and earlier. Can you freaking believe that?!?! The Turkish countryside is gorgeous and a nice luscious change from dry, barren Alberta. The food here is positively delightful. Flavorful, warm, and fresh. I may very well eat my weight in olives, Turkish tea and cheese.

Onwards to Smyrna tomorrow!
Here are some of my favorites from the day.

I am so grateful to be here!


Carla said…
Oh YAY, Erika! So thankful that you made it there and can finally enjoy your time and be with friends. Thanks for posting pics and updates!
Love to you.