camel rides and bus excursions and walks.

Today has been the most packed day and remarkable place yet. Cappadocia is insane. Monastic communities and underground cities that flourished building their homes right into the volcanic rock from thousands of years prior.

Tomorrow is another early morning (on the road by 7am). I've gotten to the point where the early mornings are not so gross. Turkish coffee may have something to do with it. The saying referring to coffee as "so strong you could stand your spoon in it," I'm pretty sure comes from this land. It's so thick you almost have to chew it. Yum!

Hallelujah for coffee. Hallelujah for amazing sights to behold.


Carla said…
Wow - can't wait to hear your stories in person! :)
A camel ride and Turkish coffee would get me going in the morning :)!
Unknown said…
Wow, looks like you're having the time of your life. I'm so glad you caught up with everyone and that a certain airline is but a faint and distant memory. I too look forward to stories when we're all on the same continent.

Know that you are loved and missed in the Middle Kingdom!

Judy said…
And were you singing, "Er-i-ka's camel has . . . " I also think that your Norwegian upbringing has helped ease the transition to Turkish coffee. Enjoy!