Let's Fall In Love

A year ago we spent our day carousing the narrow streets and canals of Venice. The little island bustled with tourists. The ancient notes of Vivaldi wafted out onto the cobblestone and were instantly absorbed by the crowd.

Smells: pasta sauce, espresso, sea breeze.
Sights: color, intricacy.
Sounds: boat horns, loud Italians.

Today, I stayed inside drinking strong stiff coffee while working away at the tasks at hand. Later, I wasted time waiting for a student that didn't show. By 10pm Arden and I were exhausted.

When did the outworkings of our "day-to-day" become so tiring?

Today, I do wish I was in Venice. I do wish I could wander and meander and at some point in the day find one of Venice's bridges to sit on. A little landing where I could share my thoughts and stories with the canal.

I do love my life here. As of late, I wish it were simpler. Not easier necessarily, just simpler. More room and space to sing. Adequate pauses before every phrase to breath deeply.

Tomorrow I will wake up. Kiss my husband goodbye for the day. Shuffle to the kitchen. Pour a mug of coffee. Turn on my laptop. Write words. Catch a bus. Teach children more music. Eat my carrot sticks and sandwich. And grapple with how complex my life is.

Before the fresh sights and smells of traveling were lost I wrote a song a couple weeks ago. I may have ripped off a jazz song in the process.

Traveling was a special gift for us to share. Learning, growing, experiencing, and pausing. I like to tap into that adventure every once in a while. It fills me with gratitude. It stirs joy within me. It makes my heart leap. Love is grand. I wish our pair of footprints in the sand were more permanent. Our awkward feet have brought us there and back again. I am thankful for the day-to-day journeys, the warm meals we share, and the quilts we settle into every evening.

Let's Fall in Love

A sunny Sunday afternoon,
with nothing but time on our hands.
A sparkling spring-time night sky,
It's a blanket of light for you and I.

Let's fall in love.
Why shouldn't we fall in love?

St. Mark's Square or Central Park,
You bring your coffee, I'll bring my heart.
The city of love PARIS, down Champs Elysees
With nothing but time.

Let's fall in love.
Why shouldn't we fall in love?

Geneva, Moskow, Sicily, Barcelona
In love.
Portland, to Cape Cod, down to Florida
In love.
Johannesburg, Ethiopia, to Panama
In love.
ChiangMai, Hong Kong, to the Great Wall
In love.
Edmonton, Winnipeg, Lake Ontario
In love.

St. Mark's Square, Venice


Cass said…
I love this song.
Theresa said…
Beautiful post! Your words always warm this little heart of mine!
Theresa said…
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Carla said…
I wish I could hear you sing and play it in real life. :)