Backpack living.

We are safe and sound having landed back home a whole week-and-a-bit ago. This week has held much family time, wedding attending time, freak out time, friends time, running around time, getting over jet-lag time, and much on the go time.

We arrived in Edmonton only to be thrust into a busy few days of getting all of my i.d/banking cards replaced, applying for apartments, attending family weddings, applying for jobs, getting the rest of my St. Stephens application in order, and touching base with all the dear ones we haven't seen in three whole months. It has been a good time, but a full time.

We have been blessed with the hospitality of family as we've busied ourselves trying to find a place of our own where our travelling caps can be hung up for a while. We stumbled upon a ridiculously cute apartment, built in the 1940s and still managed by the original family. No more sketchy landlords and no more sketchy apartments. It is a tad smaller then our last place but I am excited at the prospect of downsizing our belongs a little bit. Come Sept. 1st do stop by for tea.


Carla said…
Hiiiii!! You're back, and now I can call you again! All week I've been wanting to dial your little phone number, but didn't know if it would find you on the other end. Do you still have the same one? I won't call today because I'm you're either busy or relaxing while you get the chance, but I can't wait to hear you soon!
Cass said…
Where is your new little place located?