A few more.

Certain sites get blocked here from time to time. We have been unable to get on facebook for a couple of days. Here are a couple pictures from our sweet trip.
A precious old man that we ran into in a Bai minority village.

A sweet lookout to the fabulous mountains that surrounded us for a week. You can just barely see the great Yangtze River. I'm also pretty sure that my husband is a better jumper then me.

Stinky yak butter being sold in the market. Yum.

A for real yak.

All the graves/tombs are built on the hillsides.

I snapped this one on a day hike we took out to a village.

A lady working the fields on the walk out to a village.

One afternoon we took a trip out to the main Tibetan monastery in Shangri-La. The buildings surrounding the monastery house the monks.

The two of us, nearing the top of the hundreds of steps up to the monastery.

A young monk that we met.


Arden and Erika said…
You are right honey. I am a better jumper than you