We're off!

A little present for you.

Wow, thanks for the emails and little notes you have left here and there. Your thoughts and kind words (many of them being words of wisdom) mean oh so much. Please know that we are well! I was not meaning to sound frazzled (though I do that a lot) but more that this has been something that has been rolling around our heads as of late. I'll keep you posted as decisions are made. Thank you for your friendship.

Tomorrow bright spankin' early we are getting on a jet to take us to the mountains. I must say, we've adjusted well to holiday mode and I'm not sure what 4:30 am is gonna do to our systems. I'm sure we'll recover.

We will spend almost a week along the Tibetan Plateau at the base of the Himalayas. We are so excited to see some countryside and retreat from the city smog a little bit. It will also be so awesome to be exposed to the Tibetan culture a little bit. I'll tell you if the yak butter tea is any good. We will also get to see how our little lungs manage at 11,000 feet. Dad says we just have to remember to go slow, breath deeply, and drink lots of water. Noted.

For those of you with some concern in relation to the Tibetan uprisings that took place at the end of March we will be in an area that has been peaceful and experienced no such riots or violence. You need not worry. We will be safe.

I am excited for the landscape and people that await. This will be the last post until we will return on the evening of July 4th. Enjoy your week dear ones.

xo- Your buddies,
Erika & Arden


Cass said…
Enjoy Tibet! Definitely keep us updated on that yak butter tea...