A treat.

I am enjoying a quiet afternoon in our little guesthouse. The boys are off playing soccer and I am slowly puttering away at an essay to submit to St. Stephen's and uploading some gems off our camera. I can't get over the beauty of this place.


Len Kobewka said…
Hi you two,

I just had a big empty space in my heart ... and realized it was missing the both of you BIG TIME.

So I thought I would look at your blog. WOW ! WOW!

Fantastic. And you both have the gift to gab ... And lovely pics too.

I will set time aside to check it all out - but we are really looking forward to seeing you back on this side of the world.

Love, Dad K.
Cass said…
I love the pictures. I can't even imagine seeing everything that you two have been seeing over the past weeks. I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little jealous...but I guess you could say we are working on an adventure of our own, so I can't really complain. Can't wait for you to come back and share your stories with us in person!!
Theresa said…
Not to sound like a broken record but the pictures are beautiful! It looks like you are having a great time!