Tibet is cool.

I lied. My handy Dad brought his mac and is gracious enough to let me use it.

We are in beautiful country. Nestled on the Tibetan Plateau, the foothills of the Himalayas, sits Shangri-La (previously named Zhong Dian). We are staying in a small inn right in the heart of "old-town" Zhong Dian. The scenery is breathtaking and the people equally as beautiful. We took a trip into a surrounding village yesterday and had our first bowl of yak butter tea, yak cheese, and yak BBQ. Our hosts graciously made the tea a little less potent for the white folk. It tasted like a combination of blue cheese and black tea but was surprisingly good. Yak meat is chewy but really tasty. We are enjoying the beautiful new things that this culture has.

Our lungs are doing surprisingly well. We are staying hydrated and Arden even sneaked in a game of basketball with the locals and didn't die.

We will be taking some day-hikes through the surrounding villages and up to a large Tibetan Monastery. My camera is on overdrive. There is so much to see.