Love from Paris.

This may be short little note as I'm finding it a little bit tricky to get the hang of these French keyboards.

To all the blog lurkers that aren't friends with me on facebook yet. Get on it! Most of the internet cafés that we've been visiting block the pop-up windows thus not allowing me to upload any photos onto this blog right now. I've managed to upload some onto facebook from Ireland and hopefully within the weekend we will get our photos from Scotland and Paris up there.

PARIS is BIG and beautiful and a little overwhelming to say the least. Our days have consisted of lots more walking and lots of new sights. It's been a little tricky to join the minority group of English speakers. Arden is whipping out his sweet French skills and I am following him around smiling and nodding.

We have taken in the Louvre (three levels of art and history... we didn't even see it all) the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triumph, and tomorrow we are going to take a gander to the Notre Dame Cathedral. We are enjoying soaking in the french culture through the many cafés that pop up on every corner. There is much to take in.