Goodbye Berlin Hello Norway.

We are off to Hamburg tomorrow for one night and then on Monday we fly direct to Stavanger, Norway which is our last and final stop on this little European adventure before we take off to China. We are to be greeted by my GREAT Aunt and Uncle in the small community of Sandnes and spend a couple days with them. We're pretty stoked!

We have loved our time in Berlin and have been enjoying some relaxing days with not to much on the go besides journaling and eating bratw├╝rst and saurkraut. We have had much to mull over the past couple days (more on that later).

This was basically just a little note to pop in and say, we are well.

Love to you dear friends!


darien said…
Erika and Arden, you sound like you are having the most wonderful time, and I am enjoying reading every word and looking at every picture. It allows me to pray for you specifically, and I am. And also, I am living vicariously through you. I laughed at your comment about being German...having married one, I can agree! I hope the rest of your trip goes well, and that you continue to post. It really is a highlight of my stress-filled days. love, Crystal
Amber said…
Ah, the Norske homeland. Enjoy!
Cass said…
I am so glad you are having such an amazing trip!! I love that you still take the time to blog a bit, even in the midst of such an adventure! Thank you. Have fun in Norway.
Hi, and I thank you too for taking time to share a bit of what you are doing. What a wonderful trip. May it last long in your memories, and I'm sure it will play a big part in shaping your lives.

Bob and I are in Canmore, where the only ancient sights are those incredible mountains with fresh snow on the tops! The sun is shining, and all is so peaceful.