Canals and Gelato and Rain.

Sorry for the prolonged silence. We have scoured the island for internet cafes and are pretty certain that there are only 3 in the entire city of Venice that charge ridiculous prices.

We are doing well and Venice has been a great stop for us.

Today was the first day of unfortunate weather we have had over the past three weeks. It rained all day long and the clouds did not roll away until well into the evening. We also discovered that grocery stores/restaurants/convenience stores are all closed on Sundays. We spent the day scavenging food from vending machines, eating chips, reading books (I polished off The Magician's Nephew and Arden is nearing the end of Secrets in The Dark), and playing many rounds of crib (I lost horribly every time). We have had two great days in Venice prior to this rain storm and are hoping that tomorrow will have brighter skies for us.

We have spent most of our time wandering through the narrow streets and along the MANY canals. Venice looks like any postcard you have probably ever seen of the city. I have been overwhelmed with the antiquity of the place. The bus or train drops you off at a stop on the outskirts of the city and you have to walk or "water-taxi" the rest of the way.

We have been FILLING our bellies with the local cuisine. It is true Italians can cook! We had the best pizza of our lives at a little whole-in-the-wall shop and are pretty certain that Gelato is Italy's gift to mankind. Yesterday I woke up in the morning to homemade pasta sauce wafting through our hotel room.

We have been able to browse Venice's Gallery of Modern Art and saw works by Klimt, Rossi, and Matisse among others. I left feeling slightly overwhelmed but loved it.

Tomorrow holds much more walking and pasta eating. We are hoping to get to the Girl's Asylum/Orphanage that Antonio Vivaldi taught out of in the 1700s.... a must see for any violinist. Wee!

Thank you for your prayers for my little ear. It seems to have mended quite nicely. I must admit that I was hoping to have left my sick days behind me but all the same we were SO thankful that we were able to see a doctor quickly. Arden experienced a short 24 hr. flu bug in Barcelona and has healed from that as well.

We will not have internet access again until we reach Berlin (Tuesday). Thank you for your love via emails and comments. We have read every one of them.


Cass said…
Glad to hear that the Kobewkas are now in good health again...Isn't it absolutely overwhelming to go to such a historical place? I remember visiting the National Gallery in London, and seeing the original "Sunflowers" painting. It's so surreal to actually see the original of such famous works of art...I hope the rain hasn't followed you to Berlin...
Carla said…
YAY! I haven't been online for a week and it was nice to hear about your latest adventures. Can you smush some gelato onto a postcard for me? :) mmmmm. love you LOADS!